Yoga Classes online


Classes are designed to help during Coronavirus times:

During the week of March 2, we did "Yoga to Boost our Immune System"

the week of March 9, we did "Yoga for Courage"

the week of March 16, it was "Yoga for our Lungs & Respiratory System"

the week of March 23 we will do "Yoga for Anxiety" 

Possible upcoming clsases: 

"Yoga for Insomnia" with an email-able handout called "Sleep Strategies"

"Yoga for Too Much Sitting!" (hips, hamstrings, lower back, posture, etc)

"Ow! My Neck!" (and posture!) as so many of us are trapped indoors slumping over our computers and phones and TVs.

and the ever-popular "YOGA FOR POSTURE"

Please feel free to contact me with requests!


If you would like a private online class featuring any of these topics, please get in touch with me!

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The Gifts of Yoga: Balance, flexibility, strength, equanimity, mindfulness, calmer breath, stance, and joy! I hope you will join us for a weekly journey that touches us in a different way each time.

Each class has a theme, like yoga for insomnia or better posture or boosting our immune system; other classes might focus on specific body parts, like loosening tight hips, shoulders, releasing the neck, hamstrings, lower back, and more. The variety is amazing!

Come feel more flexible, balanced, stronger, and calmer . . . and reconnect your mind, body, and spirit. 


-Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm: Kripalu & Iyengar style yoga for students with 1+ years of experience

ONLINE - see Home Page for updates

$18 drop in or $17 each for a block of yoga classes.

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: $20 for any 2 classes; $40 for any 4 classes (use within 3 months)

Free parking lot in back, short walk from Central and Inman Squares, bamboo floor, soft lighting, all props provided.


-Tuesdays & Thursdays: 11:00-noon and Fridays 5:30-6:30 pm: Online Gentle Yoga for 55+ and Beginners

NOW ONLINE - see Home Page for corrected schedule

For anyone seeking a gentle approach to yoga, regardless of age, weight, experience, or general stiffness. We do lots of stretches and warm-ups, then the yoga, which includes strengthening, balancing, twists, breathing exercises and more (using a chair back or the wall for steadying if needed). Barbara will provide modifications for all moves and poses. We end each class with a lying down relaxation.

A lovely studio with easy access, all props provided, and a heated bamboo floor! 

Barbara has taught yoga for 25 years and has a certificate in Silver Age Yoga, which is yoga modified for senior yoga classes.

$16 drop in or $120 ($15 each) for a block of 8 classes, good for 3 months. 

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: $20 for any 2 classes or $40 for any 4 classes (use within 3 months)

Please email me at with any questions.   


-Private Online Yoga Classes

Practice yoga in a private, one-on-one, personalized environment. Want to learn yoga so you can mainstream into a public yoga class? Recuperating from or dealing with a physical challenge? Feel more comfortable with just you and the teacher? Prefer gentle, at-home senior yoga classes? Wishing to reduce your stress level and promote a calmer, healthier life? Want to increase your strength and balance? Let me know and I will write classes specifically for you. Private yoga lessons are a great way to go. 

$90 for up to 60 minutes; $110 for 75 minutes; $130 for 90 minutes. You are invited to include one other student for an additional $15/hr.

Classes can be in your home or we can rent a studio for $20/hr, which goes directly to the studio. I can provide all the props.

Currently I teach private classes in Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Arlington, and Somerville.

Cancellation policy: 50% to be paid if you cancel within 24 hours of class; 100% to be paid if you cancel within 8 hours.  (No charge if you cancel more than 24 hours ahead.)

Email, or text or call 617 959-2562 for more information or to set up a private yoga session. 


Email us.

Call/text: 617 959-2562

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